This crazy thing called motherhood

When my child was placed in my arms for the first time, I did not cry. Instead, I was filled with this huge sense of responsibility and it scared me.  Somehow this made it so real. This tiny being was going to be completely reliant on me at least for some time and look up to me for the rest of my life.  I had to keep him alive and help him adjust to this big bad world. Bear in mind that to this day, I had never changed a diaper, didn’t even know how to. Continue reading “This crazy thing called motherhood”

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I am angry. You should be too!

Friday afternoon, I am feeling good about myself. You know that feeling of contentment where, the child is asleep, your house isn’t a total disaster and that giant cup of hot chocolate in your hand, necessitated by the need to up the milk supply and this rainy cold November weather is hitting the spot just right? Do you know that feeling? No? Alright, my standards for a good Friday afternoon are quite low. Continue reading “I am angry. You should be too!”