Who am I?

Who am I to think I can start a blog? I mean the market had quite a number out there already! The number of times I have thought of this and almost stopped right in my tracks in the recent past have been numerous. Then I kept on seeing all types of memes and posts on my social media with more or less the same message: Start now, where you are, with what you have and if that isn’t enough even memes came calling including one that asked If Rihanna had let the existence of all the current beauty lines, would she have launched Fenty Beauty?

The universe was having cosmic conversations with me, I feel like I have something to share with the world, what’s stopping me from sharing it? Nothing! Absolutely nothing.

So, allow me to introduce myself, my name is Imelda, proudly human (goes without saying, but recent events dictate that we remind ourselves we all belong to the human species) I am boldly and beautifully female. I am my mother’s daughter, my brothers’ sister, my man’s lady and my son’s mommy.

The more years, I spend on this earth the more I realize that there’s so much I don’t know and so much that I can teach. My mother once told me, you always need at least one friend who is significantly younger than you and one who is significantly older, and constantly make it a mission to learn from both. So as far as knowledge is concerned I am and will always be incomplete. Because I am an IT professional I had to add a technology twist to my site name, hence the incomplete code.

I ask you to take a trip with me, as I share my life with you, for the purposes of expanding my knowledge, sharing some of the knowledge I have or even just to be amused, a good laugh will keep you young after all.


Love and light my friends…

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