Sickly worries

I don’t like hospitals. I don’t like it when I am sick, I don’t like going to see people in hospitals, in fact up until my adult years, I had a real life phobia that if I went into a hospital I would get sick. I hate the smell of hospitals and I get way too emotional around sick people. (I know, I know, I am out here denting my street cred). Probably because as child I was a sickling and went to the hospital often enough to last me a lifetime. On the upside, how robust is my immunity now? Even common colds give me the buff, and the ones that can knock me out are normally really serious, man-flu serious. As much as I dislike hospitals, they are a necessary part of our lives and I accept that like every other person access to a good medical facility and quality affordable healthcare is a must.

So this week I went to the hospital twice! First to take my baby who scared the living daylights out of me by violently throwing up, thank God it was nothing serious. I went again the following to get my toe looked at. I have been having the worst pain in my toe and it was oozing pus for the past week. Guys, my fear of the hospital is so real! Turns out the fear of the hospital is called Nosocomephobia how do you even pronounce that!  This toe looked really bad and my solution was to hide it, even from myself, inside socks and soldier on through the pain. I literally had to be kicked out of the house to go get it looked at.

Anyway, I stray, where was I, yes, I went to the hospital to get my toe checked on. This doctor with the best bedside manner ever, asks me what I am there for and proceeds to look at the toe. Says the infection could be as a result if my pedicure; not so sure of this, its been ages since my last pedicure and my feet hate me and wish they could have another owner by now. She then tells me that at that point they neither need to drain it or dress it, yay. She’ll, however, give me medication to apply and some antibiotics to take. I start to dance in my head, that wasn’t so bad. She continues to say that I need to come back after 5 days to confirm if it’s not an ingrown toe-nail. If it is I would need surgery! SURGERY! SUR-GER-RY! How in the world did we move from “nothing to really worry about” to the possibility of surgery? I calm myself down and convince myself that it was the pedicure. It has to be the pedicure. I already went through labor this year, I am not going through surgery, however minor it may be.

Both times quickly in and out of the hospitals, and in both cases, at first I thought how efficient these health institutions have become. Then my bill came and I realized that maybe they haven’t become that efficient, maybe these costs are so high people are opting to find alternatives, like over-the-counter medication and hoping to God whatever you are suffering from, is cured. The kicker, in both cases, the doctors assured me that there was absolutely nothing to worry about. If nothing to worry about costs this much, how much does something to worry about cost? A kidney?

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