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Month: December 2017

Dairy-free nutty crepes

My house is the typical Kenyan home. Day to day breakfast is compromised of quick, grab-and-go foods like cereals and bread. On the weekends, and mostly on Sundays, is when we go all out to make something special and we mostly end up having brunch instead of breakfast. Our favorites are usually crepes, pancakes or muffins.

Secret Santa ideas

The festive season is here. With it comes the time-honored tradition of gift giving. Gift giving is hard enough for people you know well and interact with at a very personal level. Determining what they need and want and within your budget can be an overwhelming affair. Even after you settle on something to gift, you still cross your fingers that they will actually like it and use it.

Dry Fry pork

Few dishes are lazy person friendly like pork. There are times I have just diced it, added some seasoning and thrown it in the oven for some time and voila! Ready to eat. Pork is simple to cook and versatile and almost always produces excellent results.

Sleep struggles

I have never been a champion sleeper. I am a light sleeper and sleep for very short ranges of time. Waking me up to go to school was as simple as calling my name once and in high school, I was a human alarm clock for those who wanted to wake up and read in the morning. I was more reliable than the alarm clocks they had and yet I did not own one

Newborn tips

Newborns are cute, with their disproportionate head body ratio, sweet smell, adorable sounds, we can't help but love them, They can be a whole lot of work though, Show me a parent who isn't run down that first couple of months and we shall declare them superhuman. They feed-sleep-repeat and poop and pee in between, or in some cases like mine, poop as many times as they feed in about 2-3 hrs cycles. It doesn't help that the mother is recovering from delivery,  and therefore also needs to rest.

Know your status

The number of new infections remains high, despite a decline from year to year. The saddest part is that the majority of the new infections is amongst the youth aged between 19-24