Secret Santa ideas

The festive season is here. With it comes the time-honored tradition of gift giving. Gift giving is hard enough for people you know well and interact with at a very personal level. Determining what they need and want and within your budget can be an overwhelming affair. Even after you settle on something to gift, you still cross your fingers that they will actually like it and use it.

Now, imagine how much harder this process is for someone you barely know. That co-worker whose name you happened to pick for Secret Santa that you barely interact with other than the polite hello on the office corridors and/or occasionally collaborating with on projects. Then there’s the set budget for the gift and you don’t want to go too low below that set budget to avoid being tacky but also don’t want to go overboard.

Having undergone this conundrum myself last year, here’s a few things that can save you a lot of headaches:

  1. A book: You can always never go wrong with this option. A book is a gift that keeps on giving. Just do a bit of research to find out what type of books they may be into. You don’t want to give a horror book lover a romantic novel or vice-versa as the book will just accumulate dust unopened or until it’s re-gifted. If you couldn’t be bothered or don’t have the time to visit a bookshop, you could even shop online at Magunga. They’ll deliver to your doorstep.
  2. A Desktop organizer: This is a great gift for them and those around them. It never hurts to have an easier way of arranging things, makes it easier for them to get things they are looking for and gives their desk that neat appearance. Depending on their personality, you could go for a fun themed one. House of leather is a sure winner on this one.
  3. Water bottle: Water is life. Everyone could use a little encouragement to take a little more water. A good water bottle is inexpensive and you can choose variations of one with a grip handle, or fruit infuser bottle. I found this really nice one on Jumia.
  4. A leather card holder: This speaks both of class and durability. We’ve all seen that person go into meetings and looks disorganized since they can’t find their cards or pulls out a creased card. This will be a gift that will be highly utilized. Have a look at this lovely one from wazawazi.
  5. A diary/Organizer: Especially if it is a person who is in account management or generally have a lot of meetings, they will really appreciate this gift in planning out their day.  You can get a good one at most book shops.

I hope this lessens your secret Santa gifting worries. Do tell me about any other great Secret Santa gifting ideas you may have.

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