Dairy-free nutty crepes

My house is the typical Kenyan home. Day to day breakfast is comprised of quick, grab-and-go foods like cereals and bread. On the weekends, and mostly on Sundays, is when we go all out to make something special and we mostly end up having brunch instead of breakfast. Our favorites are usually crepes, pancakes or muffins.One of the advantages of the festive season is that we have more days to have “Sunday breakfast”. So, we have been eating more elaborate breakfasts with the hope that after the festive season, all the eating is not evident on our waistline and for some of us on our thighs.  To spice things up we have been adding twists to our tried-and-tested recipes to try and make them more nutritious and tastier.

The recipe I am sharing with you is of crepes with no milk. No milk because we had run out and we felt too lazy to go get some more. They,  however, turned out fantastic and I may have eaten several too many!!!

Crepes -No Milk recipe


  1. 1 egg
  2. ½ cup of sugar
  3. ½ teaspoon salt
  4. 3 tablespoons of cocoa
  5. 1 tablespoon cooking oil
  6. 3 cups all-purpose flour
  7. 4 cups of water
  8. 1 cup of crushed ground nuts (roasted)


Prep time – 10 mins

  • Whisk together the egg, sugar, salt, cocoa, and oil until a thick paste. (I prefer using a food processor)
  • Sieve in the flour to the paste.
  • Add the water and whisk until smooth
  • Add the crushed nuts and stir


Time – 30-40 mins

  • Heat a lightly oiled frying pan over medium heat.
  • Pour approximately ¼ cup of batter into the frying pan and tilt for the batter to cover the whole pan
  • The crepe will take approximately 1 minute to cook, turning to a brownish color. Flip it and cook the other side.
  • Repeat until the batter is finished


Drizzle with either maple syrup or honey and serve with your favorite beverage.


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