A different kind of Christmas

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We all know at least one person who is Christmas obsessed, the kind of person that can have their decorations up from sometime in October to February if allowed. The person who derives some kind of strange pleasure from seeing Christmas decorations go up in malls and shops. That person who takes every opportunity to play Christmas music and will be focused on those predictable Christmas movies and even re-watch them. Yes, we all know at least one. My list of those people starts with me. Before my brothers chime in, yes I have made your lives miserable over the years, and no, I am not sorry.

This year I had big plans for Christmas. Plans to go more overboard with Christmas. I was intentionally planning on being even more annoying this year for two reasons, one because I now have a child and I am determined to make him one of ‘us’ and two last year I didn’t even notice Christmas thanks to the pregnancy hormones making me sick all day every day and I wanted to make up for lost time.

Alas, this motherhood business sometimes just doesn’t care about your plans. My baby is teething and it is one of the most challenging experiences of my motherhood journey so far. Please don’t laugh at me and remind me how more turbulent times are on the horizon and this will feel like nothing. This has been hard on both of us, excruciating. I have questioned my capability in this whole journey. There’s nothing more painful than seeing your child cry and there’s very little more you can do to help, I have given him chilled things to bite on, massaged his gum, allowed him to nurse more often, applied teething gel but he still seems to be suffering. So, no I haven’t done anything grand for Christmas, I don’t have one single decoration, I have not gone round looking for Christmas cheer in malls or shops, not watched a single Christmas movie and the only reason I at least have  listened to some Christmas music in my house is when the Mister graciously goes out of his way to play some for me (he really finds me and my Christmas shenanigans annoying, in case you haven’t gotten the impact of how this whole affair has been on me).

Yesterday though I reminded myself that this is my new normal, and I have to keep on adjusting to it hard as it may be, so I stopped feeling sorry for myself and decided I am going to do what I can to enjoy this Christmas just not under my terms. So I am taking time out to be with family, the more the people to help with the baby in this time the better 🙂 I am focussing on all the milestones my baby is throwing at me almost all at once and finding new ways to soothe his pain or take his mind away from it. He may not know it, it’s his first Christmas and I need him to enjoy it, as his aunt says, we don’t want any upside down smiles.

However you feel about the holidays, I hope that they are good to you, I pray that it offers an opportunity to unload the year’s worries and stress, that you may spend time with people who you love and love you back and that you are re-energized for the upcoming New Year.

From me and mine, happy holidays to you and yours.🎅



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