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A Letter to my Child


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My dear child,

Back in the days, way back when I was younger, there was a love song that used to say “I knew, I loved you before I met you” and I hated it. How could anyone claim to love someone who they didn’t know? To me that was a foreign concept, I didn’t believe in love at first sight or loving someone you didn’t know. Years down the line and you came into my life and though I still didn’t get how anyone could claim to romantically love someone they had never met, I loved you with everything within me and with more love than I thought my heart could carry.From the moment I knew of your existence, I prayed for you. That the Lord will always keep you safe, that you will enter this earth, healthy and strong. That my body would not fail in its duty of carrying you to term. I prayed that I would have the strength and courage to be the kind of mother you deserve, that my non-existent motherly instinct would kick in and that I would learn to be patient with you and you would be patient with me as I figure my way around this parenting thing. I still pray and wish so much for you.

My number one priority is that you be a good citizen of the world. If you are that, I will have succeeded in my role. I wish that you will always be kind, a lot of people need it even if they aren’t willing to admit it. Be kind with your words, be kind with your actions. Work hard, find your place in the world and identify what you can contribute to this world, however small, perfect it. Make your mark.  Be respectful, even when you disagree with a person, be respectful in how you argue your point. Have an open mind, sometimes that ideology you hold dear could be wrong, by listening to others you may get a better understanding.

May you always have a strong personality. This will guide you to stand your ground through peer pressure, and help you hold your ground through life’s trials. It will make you stand out from the crowd and enable you to fight for what you want. It will carry you through many uncertain times. Do not be afraid of failure. Failure means you tried and it is a  building stone for success.

I wish wealth for you. That you may be wealthy: emotionally, psychologically and financially. That you may find passion in things that you do. To love and be loved. To be happy and truly happy at that. To have enough to cater to your financial needs and have a surplus. May your life always be rich and may you enrich those around you as well.

May you have good company around you, the type of friends that will lift you up and be like family. Beware of fake friends, for they dress up like real ones but their intention is to drag you down, they do not wish you well. I hope that you’ll have the wisdom to decipher between the two.

 I wish that you always find our home a safe haven to come to when things are good and when they are bad. May we, your family, be your support system through life events. May we, your parents, have the ability to give you counsel through all scenarios even those that we can’t foresee.

Lots and lots of love,


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