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It’s amazing how somethings we consider trivial and don’t pay too much attention to have so much impact on our lives. Little things that bring us joy, make life easier and are more significant than we actually know to us. I have compiled a list of ten of my favorite things right now to share with you.

  1. My water bottle: Anyone who knows me knows I take a lot of water. I surpass my daily required minimum almost on every day. So, of course, my water bottle is constantly by my side. If you are trying to establish a water habit I recommend that you get one, seeing it will make you remember to drink up.
  2. Coconut oil: I mean I wrote a whole article on why I love this oil! Can I say more? Yes, I can go on and on. Should I say more? No. Just check the previous post here.
  3. Aloe Vera gel: With my sensitive skin and constant allergies, which I have passed to my son, I keep having itchy spots. Scratching makes it worse and increases chances of scarring plus it just isn’t ladylike behavior. This gel soothes our itchy skin instantly and also restores the skin faster.
  4. Weetabix rolled oats: I love this stuff. It’s economical. It’s versatile, I can do overnight oats, cook them, bake them in cookies among so many things. It really helps boost up the milk supply. My son loves it too as porridge, I just add a piece of banana to taste.
  5. Teething gel: My baby had it rough with his first set of teeth, and an unhappy baby equals an unhappy household. During the day the normal relievers worked just fine but at night he would wake up screaming his lungs off. The first teething gel just wasn’t helping much but when we switched to Dentinox, he was able to sleep much better.
  6. Board Games: We have both Monopoly and Scrabble, but since most times they are only two adults in the house, we play Scrabble more. It’s a fun way for us to spend time together at the same time challenge our brains beyond the usual movie or series.
  7. Bata Tomys and Ngomas: If you run into me up and about, I’ll probably have one of these on. If I am wearing heels, I definitely have one of these in my bag. They are extremely comfortable and as I have decided, go with everything. Funny bit, when I was younger I detested Ngomas, I thought of them as old folk shoes. I guess I am old now.
  8. Power bank: You simply cannot be a mom and be offline. You will panic if you are unreachable, those taking care of your child will panic if they cant reach you. Let’s face it, our smartphones don’t keep the charge for too long when in active use. So my trusty power bank keeps me reachable for the duration that I am out, in case my battery runs out.
  9. Watch: I know, I know. Everyone has a mobile phone nowadays and can simply use that to tell time. I, on the other hand, I am a bit old fashioned and like to have a timepiece on my wrist. It’s easier to tell time as I don’t have to reach out for my phone which when in a meeting can be distracting or unsafe on Nairobi streets. It is also a nice accessory for any outfit.
  10. Tablet: I am on a mission to recultivate my reading culture. As much as I love actual books, my life sometimes just doesn’t allow me to confine myself to them. Having my tablet for reading soft copies has really been a life saver here. I like the idea of it having more than just the reading functionality.

That’s my current favorite list, if you have anything I should consider adding, please let me know in the comment section below or on my socia channels.

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