6 differences between parenting when I was a child and now

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There are so many differences between the time my mother raised me and the time period that I am raising my child. My mother calls my parenting style, new-age parenting and constantly comments on how things have changed. Some things she finds completely astounding, some she actually relates to and says her generation did something similar and others she actually says she wishes she knew then. I thought I’d compare some of the differences between the two ages when I was a child and now that I am a parent.

  1. Diapering. Our mothers, bless their souls, used napkins and liners to handle our messy outputs. They had perfected the art of soaking the dirty diapers in water, rinse out the poop then proceed to soak in bleach (Jik) and detergent in readiness to be washed. Can you imagine the work? We, on the other hand, have the luxury of choosing from different quality diapers and save for a blowout diaper or occasional leak, don’t have to clean pooped clothes.
  2. Breastfeeding. With the belief that a child could not simply get full of breastmilk, Our mothers started introducing formula and/or cow’s milk quite early sometimes as early as 1 month and solids by 3 months. Nowadays most people try to get to at least 4-6 months exclusively breastfeeding. Then slowly introduce solids from that point.
  3. Devices. There were few devices around in most homes. Most houses only had the TV and a radio. The number of TV stations was limited as well. So for most of our budding years, we had limited access to devices. fast forward to the 21st Century and each house as countless devices. We even soothe children by finding something for them to watch or allowing them to play games. Devices are everywhere and they have advantages and disadvantages (we shall talk about that on a different day)
  4. Playing grounds. Back when we were growing up, there were a lot of areas around our homes where children could play with each other, get dirty and work off that excess child energy. These days our towns have turned into concrete jungles and open areas for playing are empty parking spaces. Most residential plans fail to include a play area for the children. We either have to go out and pay for children activities or limit the children to playing in and around the houses.
  5. Information. Our parents would have to talk to consult professionals or find physical literature when they required answers to things. We, however, simply Google and voila! All kinds of information ready for our consumption. Some accurate, some misleading, but it’s all there at the click of a button.
  6. Security. Our mothers could easily send a small child outside for small errands like going to the local kiosk, greatest fear being that they would forget what to buy or drop the change. Nowadays, security is so terrible that you send a small child out like that you are afraid they may not return. It even gets worse as people perpetrating social ills feel so comfortable as to pump their chests on social media.

I’d love to hear of any other differences between the two periods. Leave a comment below or any of my social pages.

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