The ugly truth about adulthood

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Having done this adulthood thing for a few years, I think it’s a scam. As children, we couldn’t grow up fast enough. We had this idea that once we grew up, everything we wanted would be ours for the taking. No more bedtimes, curfews, not being bought what you want, school. Childhood looked so oppressive but in hindsight was it really? Do you ever just look back and think,”wow! I had it good”

The biggest thing I miss about childhood is not paying bills. Bills are a scourge! You pay and pay and pay and they keep coming back. They even seem to grow in size, urgency, and migraine induction in general. Let’s not even mention taxes. You have to pay them but they barely work for you!!  It used to drive me up the wall when I would ask for something and my mother answered that she didn’t have money, yet I knew she did. Now I hate that I understand what she meant by saying she didn’t have money while actually having money. How I wish, I could just turn back time and go back to simpler times where bills were not part of my responsibility.

I cannot believe that I used to think school took up all my time. I had other things to do with my time like watch TV and hang out with friends. I could not wait to finish school. You know what takes up even more time than school? Work! You just work and work and work and work. When you even for a split second think maybe you shouldn’t work so hard, you are reminded of your bills and all the nice things and comfort you want in life and immediately go back to work. It’s a scary cycle.

Friendships as a child were much simpler too. There was no parade of loopholes required for establishment of a friendship. It was as simple as you are nice and I like hanging out with you. That was it. The friends were as many and activities to do together plenty. Enter adulthood and you barely have the energy to make new friends, you can barely afford the time to sustain the existing ones and when you do you they are very few activities you can partake in.

What I wouldn’t give to get back the carefree spirit of a child. When they say you don’t know a good thing till it’s gone, this is it for me. I miss that happy go lucky attitude. My worries were few and far between yet even those were probably nothing to worry really about. As an adult, however, I have so much and so many people to worry about. I worry about finances, work-life balance, my family, my friends, health, name it.

Don’t get me wrong, there are few things that are pretty cool about being an adult. Like making your own decisions, having your own cash, making your own rules. I like that I don’t have to ask permission to read or watch certain things.  Overall though, looking at it from the adult angle, we can’t argue that childhood wasn’t a sweet deal.

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