8 Things I have learnt so far in my parenting journey

8 thing I have learntAfter a long hiatus that was necessary. I am going to stroll in here and act like I never left. How are you all? I hope you have been keeping well. Can you believe that I have managed to nurture and care for a baby for 12 whole months? A full year. I am in disbelief and so proud of myself. Especially since the said baby is thriving, happy and becoming increasingly independent every day. Most of the time I have absolutely no clue what I am doing, but instincts and doing my level best to do what is best for my little family seems to be working out just fine. Continue reading “8 Things I have learnt so far in my parenting journey”

Feeding him is a headache


I have grown up with the knowledge that human beings have three basic needs, food, clothing, and shelter. As a parent, I know instinctively that this is the bare minimum I must strive to provide for my offspring. After acquiring the three, getting my young one to utilize and appreciate them is kind of challenging. Ok. Not the shelter so much, though he mostly prefers the outdoors. However, putting clothes on him counts as a workout these days. Feeding him has me in the market for a hazmat suit (thank you New Yorker cartoon for this suggestion) and summoning all my patience convincing myself that he will eventually get it, food is for his own benefit.

I am ready for my top chef moment. The effort I have put in and the results I have obtained in the name of making food for my offspring are nothing short of amazing and laudable. If it appears that I am blowing my own horn, its because I am. Loudly and proudly telling those of you reading this. I must because this little human being that makes me scour the internet for exciting ways to bring flavor to his food while sticking to the recommendations given by his pediatrician does not always seem to appreciate all the work I put in. My word! Children can be ungrateful!!

In my entire life, the eons, and eons I have existed on this earth, I never thought that I would ever have to prepare non-bland meals without using salt or sugar. Plus, my cooking skills on most days stagger towards the less than mediocre side with my creativity in the kitchen coming to life maybe twice a year at most. So, for me to say that I have actively, and consciously been creative enough in that space to produce meals that adults go crazy over is nothing short of astounding. To have my baby look at the food and turn his head even without tasting is a major slap in the face. At times you will have to sneak it in his mouth for tasting and maybe just maybe he will proceed to have a few more spoons. If the stars happen to align in a certain way and the full moon is out, he may even surprise you by eating more than you would expect.

I have told you here that I am known to be a fussy eater. My mother really suffered to get me to eat in my earlier years. She tried pleading, forcing, rewards, punishment and whatever other tools were at her disposal. Still, I gave her a hell of a time. So perhaps its karma that has come knocking and I am getting payback for the difficult times I put my mother through. Or maybe just maybe, it is a phase and it will pass and he will realize that I do not need the extra weight I may gain from finishing his food because I do not want to waste it, and it tastes so good.

At least he feeds a bit better when his nanny feeds him, followed by when his dad does it. I do not know if it is the smell of breast milk that makes it such a daunting task when I try to feed him. My momma did not raise a quitter though, I will keep on persisting in the hope that the days that he eats well with me will become a norm. Until then, I am crossing my fingers and toes and wishing on a shooting star that this period ends soon.

put an end to domestic violence

Put an end to domestic violence

put an end to domestic violen

I remember this one time; my friend and I were talking to some guy who was telling us his version of how to take care of a woman. It started off quite well, he told us how a man should treat a woman with kindness, offer gifts every so often. How it is important to keep a woman happy for in return she will keep him happy, then he adds, but when she does wrong you need to discipline her so that she does not repeat it.  Continue reading “Put an end to domestic violence”

The worrying never ends


Most people who know me consider me a strong person. I totally agree with them because the dress fits. I am extremely resilient, it takes a lot to shake me and even when I am shaken, it rarely shows. I fall and get right back and I rarely give up, I will keep on trying and trying till I get a result that I can live with. Failing most times for me is not an option and I will always fight for the things and people that I hold dear. However, having a child is threatening this definition of me. Continue reading “The worrying never ends”

Parenting does take over your life

parenting life.png

I have concluded that either, parents suffer from amnesia, lie through their teeth, or think that if they say that they remember how it felt like to not be parents they may face persecution for appearing to be unappreciative. How else would you explain why all parents claim that life is wonderful since they became parents and that there is nothing they miss from their previous life. It is more honest to say that there are sacrifices, yes, but they are all worth it. To me, that is a more honest representation of my memory. Continue reading “Parenting does take over your life”

The ugly truth about adulthood

adulthood (1)

Having done this adulthood thing for a few years, I think it’s a scam. As children, we couldn’t grow up fast enough. We had this idea that once we grew up, everything we wanted would be ours for the taking. No more bedtimes, curfews, not being bought what you want, school. Childhood looked so oppressive but in hindsight was it really? Do you ever just look back and think,”wow! I had it good” Continue reading “The ugly truth about adulthood”

6 differences between parenting when I was a child and now

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There are so many differences between the time my mother raised me and the time period that I am raising my child. My mother calls my parenting style, new-age parenting and constantly comments on how things have changed. Some things she finds completely astounding, some she actually relates to and says her generation did something similar and others she actually says she wishes she knew then.  Continue reading “6 differences between parenting when I was a child and now”