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A Letter to my Child


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My dear child,

Back in the days, way back when I was younger, there was a love song that used to say “I knew, I loved you before I met you” and I hated it. How could anyone claim to love someone who they didn’t know? To me that was a foreign concept, I didn’t believe in love at first sight or loving someone you didn’t know. Years down the line and you came into my life and though I still didn’t get how anyone could claim to romantically love someone they had never met, I loved you with everything within me and with more love than I thought my heart could carry. Continue reading “A Letter to my Child”

Lets talk about periods

Female reproductive health is an issue that makes a lot of people especially men squirmish, and I am going to humbly request you all to read on. You probably have a significant other, a sister, a friend, colleague or some female person in and/or around your life that is going through this.

Periods can be a really intense part of being female. To have non-dramatic periods is something that is really underrated and underappreciated. A lot of jokes are made about PMS but if you think about all that women go through, it kinda makes sense that they just don’t want any extra drama piled on. Speaking especially for myself, I have had anxiety attacks at the thought of my periods being around the corner. Continue reading “Lets talk about periods”

Re-learning to love myself

I haven’t always been kind to myself. There are times I have let the noise into my head and allowed it to drag me down. At some point, I thought I was too fat, not pretty enough, not smart enough. I would walk around and whenever I hear laughter a part of me would think the laughter was aimed at me. It took a lot of deliberate effort on my end and people who love me way more than I deserve for me to realize that I am more than enough. That was how the self-confident human being that I currently am was born.

However, there are events in life that can shake even the most confident among us. Mine has been pregnancy and motherhood. Continue reading “Re-learning to love myself”

Half a year in

Happy New year good people. I hope your holiday season was fantastic. To those that the holiday seasons were or are usually difficult, I send lots of hugs your way. It’s that time when we are back to the grind or preparing to get back, Schools have re-opened basically, it’s Njanuary and things are business as usual.

In my house, we are still celebrating this week though, no not the holidays, despite how much I want to, but the fact that my baby just turned 6 months. We have a very curious, busy-body, ‘talkative’ and playful 6-month old. Continue reading “Half a year in”

A different kind of Christmas

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We all know at least one person who is Christmas obsessed, the kind of person that can have their decorations up from sometime in October to February if allowed. The person who derives some kind of strange pleasure from seeing Christmas decorations go up in malls and shops. That person who takes every opportunity to play Christmas music and will be focused on those predictable Christmas movies and even re-watch them. Yes, we all know at least one. Continue reading “A different kind of Christmas”

Secret Santa ideas

The festive season is here. With it comes the time-honored tradition of gift giving. Gift giving is hard enough for people you know well and interact with at a very personal level. Determining what they need and want and within your budget can be an overwhelming affair. Even after you settle on something to gift, you still cross your fingers that they will actually like it and use it. Continue reading “Secret Santa ideas”

Newborn tips

This post is written with input from my sister-friend and fellow new mom: Julia Wambi-Maina

Newborns are cute, with their disproportionate head body ratio, sweet smell, adorable sounds, we can’t help but love them, They can be a whole lot of work though, Show me a parent who isn’t run down that first couple of months and we shall declare them superhuman. They feed-sleep-repeat, poop and pee in between, or in some cases like mine, poop as many times as they feed in about 2-3 hours cycles. It doesn’t help that the mother is recovering from delivery,  and therefore also needs to rest. Continue reading “Newborn tips”